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Reclaiming the Mosque

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Jasser Auda




The Role of Women in Islam’s House of Worship




1. Why this book?


2. How do we judge what is “Islamic”?


3. What does the Quran say about women and mosques?


4. What does the Sunnah say about women and mosques?


5. On what basis do some Muslims prevent women from entering mosques?


6. Did the Prophet (s) say that a woman’s prayer at home is better than at the mosque?


7. Are there Hadith narrations that ridicule women true? Are most women “dwellers of hell”?


8. How did the Prophet (s) design the first mosque in Medina?


9. Is there such a thing as a “men’s entrance” to the mosque?


10. Are children allowed in the mosque? Where do they pray?


11. Can men and women interact in the mosque?


12. What happens when some people act inappropriately in the mosque?


13. Is there a specific dress code for women in the mosque?


14. Is it preferable for women to attend congregational prayers in the mosque?


15. Are non-Muslim men and women allowed in the mosque? Can they pray there?


16. Does menstruation prohibit women from entering mosques, reading Quran or performing tawaf?


17. Are there limits on women’s participation in the mosque’s social activities?


18. Can women lecture men in the mosque?


19. Can women lead congregational prayers? Can they perform the call to prayer?


20. Can women serve on the mosque’s board? Is women’s leadership forbidden by hadith?