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Rediscovery and Revival in Islamic Environmental Law

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Samira Idllalène
Paperback, 188 pages

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The common ground between religions could be fruitfully promoted in order to call for an effective protection of the climate system. Positioned at a junction of different worlds, this book is a multidisciplinary work on Islamic law, common law and environmental law. Looking at the past, present and future, the author suggests a paradigm shift starting from the common ground in order to propose a better future for environmental law in Muslim countries. As the first book to compare Shari'a and common law in field of environmental protection, it suggests a new path in comparative environmental law by recognizing the contributions of both history and spirituality.


1. Introductory Context and Issues
2. What Is 'Islamic Environmental Law'?
3. The Dormancy of Islamic Environmental Law
4. The Fruitful Comparison with the Common Law
5. Potential for Growth of Islamic Environmental Law