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Reformation of Character

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Hadrat Mawlana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar

Paperback, 112 pages



The Prophet s.a.w. said: “Verily the most beloved and closest of you to me on the Day of Judgment will be the ones with the most excellent character, and the worst and most distant of you from me on the Day of Judgment will be the prideful and arrogant ones.” From this single statement of our beloved Prophet s.a.w., we can gauge the lofty status of excellent character and the detrimental effect of evil character. When deeply analyzed, it is realized that evil character traits are the root causes of all social ills, every manifestation of strife, and the general disharmony that plagues humanity.


Hence, removing these diseases from the heart is crucial and the only avenue towards success in this life and the hereafter. Allah Most High says, “Indeed, successful is the one who purified (the self) and failed is the one who defiled it…”


This concise yet comprehensive book was written by one of the great sages and illustrious scholars of the modern era – the late Knower of Allah, Hadrat Mawlana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar (may Allah have mercy on him) – as a beginner’s guide to reforming one’s character. 




- On Noble Character

- On Evil Character

- Reformation of Character


Part One - Noble Character:

Tawba - Repentance

Khawf - Fear

Raja’ - Hope

Haya’ - Modesty

Shukr - Gratitude

Fulfilling Promises

Sabr - Patience

Ikhlas - Sincerity

Muraqabah - Meditating on Allah Most High

Concentration while Reciting the Holy Quran

Concentration in Salat

Methods for Attaining Allah’s Love

Which Servants Receive Allah’s Love?

Respect for Elders

Compassion for the Vulnerable

Taslim, Rida, Tafwid & Du’a - Submission, Pleasure, Resignation of Affairs, & Supplication

Combining Tafwid and Du’a

Tawakkul - Reliance

Incorrect Notions Regarding Tawakkul


Part Two - Evil Character:

The Cure for Kibr - Regarding Oneself as Great

The Cure for Kibr and ‘Ujub - Conceitedness

An Uncertainty Concerning ‘Ujub & Its Answer

Destruction of the Spiritual Wayfarers

The Cure for Arrogance

Riya’ - Ostentation and its Cure

The Difference between Riya’, ‘Ujub & Kibr

The Difference between Arrogance & Shyness

Arrogance in the Form of Humility


The Cure of Jealousy

Malice and its Cure

The Cure for Greed and Love of the World

Inappropriate Anger and its Cure

Exemplary Incidents of Controlling Anger

A Beautiful and Effective Reflection to Cure Anger

Evil Glances, Treachery of the Heart & Worshipping of Beauty

The Cure for Evil Glances & Worshipping of Beauty



Reformation for Children

Reformation for those who are Mature

Evil Thoughts and their Cure

Twenty Evils of the Tongue

The Cure for Diseases of the Tongue



Vulgar Language


Not Forgiving People’s Mistakes

Abstaining from Speaking

Promises and Trusts


The Important Advice of Hakim al-Ummah Thanwi Regarding One’s Shaykh