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Remembering Allah: Your Guide to Purifying the Mind and Soul

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Amr Khaled


This book explains the meaning of Dhikr in a way that combines the profound spiritual experience with the logical intellectual evidence and its effect on the human mind. This combination reflects the connection between Dhikr in Islamic spirituality and the field of positive psychology which confirms that repeating the meanings that you believe in, day after day, increases your psychological strength and peace of mind.


The goal is to share the sweetness and pleasure found in Dhikr. By providing the Adhkar for readers to learn and comprehend the meaning of each Dhikr, it is hoped readers will reap the benefits and reward. A practical plan is outlined to perform Dhikr, and through it, the reader may experience the effects of Dhikr in life and be of those who remember Allah.


This book is the retitled second edition of Lives of Those Who Remember Allah.



1. The Actual Meaning of 'Remembrance of Allah' and 'Thinking of Allah'
2. Zikr and Clearing Your Mind and Soul
3. The Sweetness of Zikr and Its Reward
4. Experiences Derived from the Practice of Zikr
5. The Secrets and Wonders of Zikr
6. Types of and the Various Meanings of Zikr
7. Secrets of the Quran's Azkar and Supplications
8. Practical Plan for Effectively Implementing Zikr