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Renovatio 7: Suffering as Surrender

by Zaytuna
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Vol. 4, No. 1


In this issue of Renovatio, writers — from Muslim theologians, to Christian philosophers (past and present), to liberal artists — seek to explore and understand the link between suffering and submission to the reality of God’s existence.




A Dangerous Schooling 

/ Søren Kierkegaard


On Migrating To Lands of Melancholy

/ Abdal Hakim Murad


King Lear and the Beatitudes

/ Scott F. Crider


How to Climb The Seven - Story Mountain

/ John Walbridge


The Freedom of Self-Sacrifice

/ Mark Damien Delp


Myths Versus Novels

/ Eva Brann


Suffering As Surrender

/ Hamza Yusuf


The Only Real Solitude

/ Stephen A. Gregg


From Humanistic to Mechanistic Economics—and Back?

/ Claus Dierksmeier


Conversing with One’s Self 

/ Sarah Barnette