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Reports on the Dajjal

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Abd al-Ghazali al-Maqdisi
Talut Dawood (Translation)
Paperback, 134 pages


Akhbar al-Dajjal


Imam 'Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi's Reports on the Dajjal (Akhbar al-Dajjal) is a collection of Prophetic narrations that mention the Dajjal, known in English as the Antichrist. The subject of the Dajjal, the Antichrist, is one which generates much speculation, which in turn often leads to confusion. It is hoped that publication of this collection will help to clarify the most important issues related to this matter, and help us to draw lessons that are useful and applicable to our own lives. In turn, this clearer understanding may help us to warn those who are close to us about the great trial of the Dajjal and its dangers, and to take steps to protect our own faith and that of our loved ones.


The main part of this text consists of the hadith themselves, which are given with their full chain of narrators. Citations to the source of each hadith in the major collections are included in the footnotes; where a narration is present in more than one of the major collections, all citations are included. The text also includes some commentary from both the author and translator when appropriate, regarding the hadith itself, its narrators, the strength of its chain, and other points.


This edition includes Arabic text with full vowels, as well as the English translation.