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Revelation: The Story of Muhammad

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Meraj Mohiuddin




"Revelation: The Story of Muhammad" is a uniquely modern presentation of the life of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Born out of a need for a fresh approach to classical texts, this book offers an intelligent presentation of a wide variety of scholarly viewpoints on the story of the Prophet and Qur'anic revelation. This biographical textbook brings the Qur'an into the forefront of the Sirah by weaving verses from the Qur'an into an authentic narrative of the Prophet’s life. It includes unique commentary points from 8 respected authors and scholars that allow readers the opportunity to understand and reflect upon varied topics related to the Sirah and ultimately draw their own conclusions. Clean and simple visual aids including maps, family trees, and diagrams, along with the author's helpful elaborations guide the reader through the story of Qur'anic revelation. Revelation is designed for readers who are interested in understanding the historical and scriptural context of the Qur'an and how it was revealed.