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Rules of Tajwid (Madinah Script)

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Safar Learn to Read Series




Rules of Tajwid, is a sequel to the Safar Qaidah and part of the comprehensive Safar Learn to Read Series. This book consists of seven progressive levels, each targeting a unique feature of learning, which follow on from the 13 levels of the Safar Qaidah. It may be taught alongside Safar Juz ʿAmma or while a student starts to read the Quran.


While reading the book, students will master the application of tajwīd in the passages of the Quran that are to be read to the teacher. This book is the product of teaching tajwīd for several years at Safar Academy and will help students to gradually reach a proficient level of Quran recitation.


The script has been imported directly from the Madīnah Mushaf which is used worldwide. The text is not colour-coded with Tajwīd rules, so that students are able to read black and white Quran without such aids.


It includes a unique marking code, diary and checklist, designed to keep track of students’ progress and enhance communication between students, parents and teachers.




Level 14: Ta’awwudh and Basmalah

Level 15: Mim Mushaddadah and Nun Mushaddadah

Level 16: Qalqalah

Level 17: Tafkhim

Level 18: Mim Sakinah

Level 19: Nun Sakinah and Tanwin

Level 20: Madd