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Safar: Muslim Women's Stories of Travel and Transformation

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Sarah Malik
Hardback, 168 pages


Safar is the Urdu and Arabic word for 'journey', which provides the perfect title for this beautifully illustrated gift book for Muslim women and girls. Through a series of interviews with Muslim women from diverse backgrounds, Australian journalist Sarah Malik has created a book that explores personal growth and self-knowledge in the context of travel. Safar: Travel and Transformation for Muslim Women and Girls explores the emotional and spiritual aspects of journeying, whether it be travelling to a new country or a new locale, or how these experiences affect the way Muslim women perceive - and are perceived by - the world.


There are fascinating stories of love and friendship, as well as stories of how travel connects to migration, homeland, belonging, adventure, self-esteem, self-expression and identity. Featuring stunning illustrations by Amani Haydar, this is an important and loving book that centres the experiences and perspectives of Muslim women, offering insights for readers of all backgrounds.