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Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea PB

by Penguin
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Shiraz Maher




No topic has captured the public imagination quite so dramatically as the spectre of global jihadism. While much has been said about the way jihadists behave, their ideology remains poorly understood. As the Levant has imploded and millenarian radicals claim to have revived a Caliphate, the need for a nuanced and accurate understanding of jihadist beliefs has never been greater.


Shiraz Maher’s introduction to Salafi-Jihadism recalibrates our understanding of the ideas underpinning one of the most destructive political philosophies of our time by assessing classical works from Islamic antiquity alongside those of contemporary ideologues.




1. Introduction


2. Jihad

- Obligation of Fighting

- Applying Jihad in Salafi Thought


3. Takfir

- Establishing Disbelief

- Praxis in Action


4. Al-Wala’ Wa-l Bara’

- The Making of Love and Hate

- Al-Wala’ Wa-l Bara’ as Social Empowerment


5. Tawhid

- Realising Monotheism

- Jihad as the Means of Realising Tawhid


6. Hakimiyya

- The Dawn of Modern Political Islam

- The Fear of Secularism

- Transposing Maududi’s Thought to the Arab World

- Hakimiyya as Temporal Empowerment

- Securing God’s Rights