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Salutations of the Prophetic Portrait for the Vision of the Beloved

by Sakina
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Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi

Hardback, 388 pages


Salutations of the Prophetic Portrait for the Vision of the Beloved by Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi represents an extension to the established works of Shamail. It progresses the reader from the physical attributes of the Prophetﷺ, directing them from the outward attributes that are shared with the rest of mankind to the sublime spiritual degree of the Messenger of Allahﷺ. The noble author highlights the distinguishing features of the Prophet that make him superior and incomparable to the rest of creation, to increase the reader's veneration and respect for himﷺ. This acts as a foundation to the themes in the book, which aim to inspire the reader to develop an attachment and spiritual bond with the Prophetﷺ, leading to love, vision and eventually union with the Best of Mankindﷺ. The formulation and structure set in this work makes this book distinctive in the genre of Shama'il literature — it introduces the esoteric attributes of the Prophetﷺ.


The author, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi, travelled the Path under the guidance of Qutb Habib Ahmad Mashhur bin Taha al-Haddad (1907–1995).



Part 1: The Noble Virtues

- The Necessity of Knowing the Shamail of the Messengerﷺ

- Some of the Virtues of the Prophetﷺ

- The Ethereal Realities int he Physical Attributes of the Prophetﷺ

- Nature's Love for the Prophetﷺ


Part 2: The Blessed Names

- The Necessity of Knowing the Names of the Messengerﷺ

- The Honour of the Name of the Prophetﷺ and why the Angels Prostrated


Part 3: Love

- Ranks in the Spectrum of Loving the Belovedﷺ

- Love for the Noble Prophetﷺ and the Lights of Salutations Upon Him


Part 4: The Path of the Elite

- The Muhammadan Reality

- Tarikat ul-Muhammadiyya


Part 5: Salutations

- Emanation of Fragrance Through the Mention of the Belovedﷺ

- The Virtues of the Verse of Concern

- Salat al-Fatih

- Salutations of Light

- The Salutation of the Greatest Name