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Secret of Ana al-Haqq

by Kazi
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Khan Sahib Khaja Khan




The Secret of "I Am The Truth" (Ana'L-Haqq)

300 Sayings of Shaykh Ibrahim Gazur-i-Ilahi


This collection of sayings of the Indo-Persian Shaykh Ibrahim Gazur-i-Ilahi expounds on the famous declaration "I am the Truth" (Ana'l-Haqq) by Mansur al-Hallaj, and subsequently is an exploration of the philosophy and theology behind the secret doctrine of 'how God is manifest in human beings.' This is accomplished in the form of short, detached sayings in the style of many Sufi masters, and is here compiled into chapters based on subject matter to facilitate a clear study of the teachings. Fully annotated with a clear introduction, the text provides a wonderful insight into the mysticism of al-Hallaj and the tradition he inspired.