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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Secret of Secrets: Sirr al-Asrar

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Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, Tosun Bayrak (tr.)




This work reveals the very essence of Sufism, showing how outward practices such as prayer, fasting and almsgiving contain a wealth of inner dimensions which must be discovered if external actions are to be performed in a manner pleasing to God. When this is achieved, the soul finds true peace and the spiritual life becomes complete.




1: Man’s Return Home to the Original Source


2: The Descent of Man to the Lowest of the Low


3: The Places of the Souls within the Body


4: On Knowledge


5: On Repentance and On Teaching by the Word


6: On Islamic Mysticism and the Sufis


7: On Remembrance


8: The Necessary Conditions for Remembrance


9: On The Vision of Allah: Arriving at the Level of Seeing the Manifestation of the Divine Essence


10: The Veils of Light and Darkness


11: The Joy of Being Good and the Misery of the Rebel


12: The Dervishes


13: On the Purification of the Self


14: On the Meaning of Ritual Worship and Inner Worship


15: On the Purification of the Perfect Man, who has Isolated Himself from, and Stripped Himself of, All Worldly Concerns


16: On Charity


17: On Fasting Prescribed by the Religion and On Spiritual Fasting


18: On the Pilgrimage to Makka and the Inner Pilgrimage to the Essence of the Heart


19: On Witnessing Divine Truth through the State of Peace Coming from Abandonment of the Worldly and through Ecstasy


20: On Withdrawing from the World into Seclusion and On Solitude


21: Prayers and Recitations Pertaining to the Path of Seclusion


22: On Dreams


23: On the Followers of the Mystical Path


24: Afterword