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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Secrets of Voyaging: Kitab al-Isfar ‘an Nata’ij al-Asfar

by Anqa
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Ibn Arabi, Angela Jaffray (tr.)




The paradigmatic voyages recounted in this remarkable book offer the reader an inexhaustible source of reflection. As a well-known Sufi saying puts it, ‘the spiritual journey is called “voyage” (safar) because it “unveils” (yusfiru) the characters of the Men of God’.


The Secrets of Voyaging explores the theme of journeying and spiritual unveiling as it plays out in the cosmos, in scripture and within the soul of the mystic. Beginning with a series of cosmological contemplations, Ibn ʿArabi then turns to his own selective readings of Prophetic lore, in which he gives profound insights on the voyages of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and other prophets.