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Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East

by Hurst
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Nader Hashemi, Danny Postel






Part 1: Sectarianization in Historical Geopolitical and Theoretical Perspective


1. The Problem of Sectarianism in the Middle East in an Age of Western Hegemony


2. The Sectarianization of Geopolitics in the Middle East


3. The Arab Region at a Tipping Point: Why Sectarianism Fails to Explain the Turmoil


4. A Narrative Identity Approach to Islamic Sectarianism 


Part 2: How Sectarianization Works - Case Studies


5. International Politics, Domestic Imperatives, and Identity Mobilization: Sectarianism in Pakistan, 1979–1998


6. Sectarian Relations before “Sectarianization” in pre-2003 Iraq


7. The Shattered Nation: The Sectarianization of the Syrian Conflict


8. Sectarianism as Counter-Revolution: Saudi Responses to the Arab Spring


9. Strategic Depth, Counterinsurgency, and the Logic of Sectarianization: The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Security Doctrine and its Regional Implications


10. Sectarianization, Islamist Republicanism, and International Misrecognition in Yemen


11. Sectarianization as Securitization: Identity Politics and Counter-Revolution in Bahrain


12. The Architecture of Sectarianization in Lebanon


13. Sectarianism, Authoritarianism, and Opposition in Kuwait 


14. Conclusion: Peacebuilding in Sectarianized Conflicts: Findings and Implications for Theory and Practice