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Selected Prayers Upon The Prophet

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Habib Muhammad bin Alawi al-Aydarus





The Intention of Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad For Sending Salawat

Virtues of Sending Blessings Upon the Prophet s.a.w

1 - Prayers for a Good Ending

2 - Prayers for Healing

3 - The Prayer to Remove Worries, Grief, and Other Illnesses

4 - The Prayer to Alleviate Grief

5 - The Prayer for Removing Difficulties

6 - Prayers to Fulfil One's Needs

7 - The Prayer for Removing Debts

8 - The Prayer for Prosperity in the Two Worlds

9 - The Prayer Upon The Prophet s.a.w. Read at the Time of Harvest

10 - The Prayer for Prosperity

11 - The Litany of Husayn r.a. To Remove Poverty and Other Afflictions

12 - A Prayer to Open the Pathways of Provision

13 - A Prayer Which is Proven to Quickly Bring Forth Provision

14 - The Prayer Upon The Prophet For the One Who is Unable to Sleep

15 - Proven Prayers to See the Prophet

16 - Prayers to Gain Love of the Prophet

17 - The Prayer of Ahmad, The Messenger of Allah

18 - A Prayer for Teaching Students

19 - A Prayer that Procures Openings in Knowledge

20 - A Prayer which Bequeaths Understanding

21 - Prayers Whose Benefits are Immense

22 - A Prayer to be Read after the Five Daily Prayers

23 - A Prayer to be Read After The Fajr and Maghrib Prayers

24 - The Prayer of the One of Immense Power s.a.w.

Appendix: The Meaning of Salat