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Shafi’i Fiqh: Islamic Curriculum

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Paperback, 288 pages

Comprising in a single volume 8 coursebooks from Level 1 (age 6-7) to Level 8 (age 13-14).


This is a complete course encompassing the pillars of Islam, the Shahadah, Purity, Prayer, Zakat, Fasting, and Haj. The subjects get progressively more detailed as the child progresses with the course over a few years. Once the foundation has been established in the earlier coursebooks, the later coursebooks elaborate on the finer points of the pillars of Islam as well as extensions such as Janazah prayer, burial, Aqiqah, and even nikaah. 


Coursebook 1 (Age 6-7)
Coursebook 2 (Age 7-8)
Coursebook 3 (Age 8-9)
Coursebook 4 (Age 9-10)
Coursebook 5 (Age 10-11)
Coursebook 6 (Age 11-12)
Coursebook 7 (Age 12-13)
Coursebook 8 (Age 13-14)


This curriculum has been developed for use in Islamic maktabs in the United Kingdom.