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Shariah Law: An Introduction

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Mohammad Hashim Kamali




Providing a comprehensive and accessible examination of Shari'ah Law, this concise introduction examines the sources, characteristic features, and schools of thought of a system often stereotyped for its severity in the West.


In a structured and clear fashion, Mohammad Hashim Kamali discusses topics ranging from juristic disagreement to independent reasoning. Also broaching more advanced topics such as the principle of legality and the role and place of Shari'ah-oriented policy, Kamali questions whether Islam is as much a law-based religion as it has often been made out to be. Complete with a bibliography and glossary, and both a general index and an index of Arabic quotations, this wide-ranging exploration will prove an indispensable resource for students and scholars, and an informative guide to a complex topic for the general reader.




• Nature, Sources and Objectives of Shari'ah


• Characteristics Features of Shari'ah


• The Leading Schools of Law (Madhahib)


• Disagreement (Ikhtilaf) and Pluralism in Shari'ah


• Goals and Purposes (Maqasid) of Shari'ah: History and Methodology


• Legal Maxims of Fiqh (Qawa'id al-Kulliyyah al-Fiqhiyyah)


• Independent Reasoning (Ijtihad) and Juristic Opinion (Fatwa)


• Shari'ah and the Principle of Legality


• Democracy, Fundamental Rights and the Shari'ah


• Beyond the Shari'ah: An Analysis of Shari'ah-oriented Policy (Siyasah Shar'iyyah)


• Adaptation and Reform


• Reflections on Some Challenging Issues