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Singapore Malays: Being Ethnic Minority and Muslim in a Global City-State

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Hussin Mutalib




The Malay population makes up Singapore's three largest ethnic groups. This book presents a holistic and extensive analysis of the 'Malay Muslim story' in Singapore. Comprehensively and convincingly argued, the author examines their challenging circumstances in the fields of politics, education, social mobility, economy, leadership, and freedom of religious expression. 




1. The ‘Malay Plight’ Defined

2. Historical overview of ‘Malays’ and their progress post-Independence

3. Literature Review on the Malay Plight

4. The Socio-economic Plight

5. The Question of Islamic Identity

6. The Leadership Plight

7. Secondary Sources: Minority Syndrome, Historical Legacies, and Globalisation

8. Primary Source: The State

9. Roles of Malays and the State