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Smart Teenage Muslimah: An Inspirational Guide for Muslim Girls

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Farhat Amin
Paperback, 214 pages


The teenage years are a time to dream big and gain confidence as a Muslimah. So why are teenage girls encouraged to be self-absorbed, materialistic and promiscuous?


The myth is peddled that you will be happier if you're less religious. But are the ideas society expects you to embrace - self-objectification, rampant consumerism and secularism - good for your mental health and well-being?


The smart teenage Muslimah is someone who seeks to succeed in this life as well as the next. 


1. Why you should believe in Allah
2. Why the Quran is the word of Allah
3. What is your purpose in life?
4. The meaning of life - poem
5. Does Islam have too many rules?
6. Why are drugs and alcohol haram?
7. There is nothing fun about pornography
8. Prom stress
9. Broken hearts - poem
10. Feminism explained
11. Your Muslim family
12. Making sense of puberty
13. Islamic sex education
14. Gender identity and LGBTQIA+
15. Fashion victims
16. Hands off our hijab
17. Muslim misrepresentation
18. Mental health and dua