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Some Secrets of the Divine Approach

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Imam Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Buti

Mahdi Lock (translation)

Paperback, 116 pages


Pinnacle Papers Volume 6


In Islam, there are fundamental principles, each of which stands first on the pillar of belief and secondly on conduct. This book contains a brief explanation of all these fundamentals: it clarifies their basis first from the texts of the Quran and the authentic Sunnah and then, second, succinctly explains their content.


Third, it then discusses their wisdom and benefit to society and the secret behind their legislation. Thus, it combines the knowledge of Islam as creed, thought, and conduct. Among these fundamentals are: faith in Allah and the secret behind its necessity, the way to unite the Muslims, the remembrance of Allah and its effect on man’s life, knowledge is the foundation of all conduct and creed, gentleness in following religious rulings, and separating from evil and its people.