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Spiritual Meanings of the Hajj Rituals: A Philological Approach

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Abdulla Galadari

Paperback, 192 pages



After making the Hajj twice, Abdulla Galadari found himself wanting to more deeply understand the significance of the ancient rituals he had performed. What was behind them, making them so important and meaningful?


From a career grounded in the sciences—engineering to astrophysics—he changed course. Galadari began studying Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic, hoping to learn more about the rites of Pilgrimage through the etymological breakdown of word roots. He was not only drawn to the origin and historical development of words and their meanings, but to the study of, and relationship between, languages and their oral and written historical sources. He noted compelling parallels and similarities of narrative among faith traditions. His personal insights, suppositions and conclusions suggest a common underlying spiritual heritage and a profound interconnectedness with the People of the Book.


His research can enrich any pilgrim, whether on the journey of life, or the Hajj itself. Galadari demonstrates how, through language itself, Pilgrimage may be viewed as a struggle against the lower self, nafs, leading to purity of heart, an archetypal journey of the soul. The rites of Hajj help a pilgrim divest him — or herself – of all but God’s presence.



• From the Unity of God to the Unity of Humanity

• The Appointed Time (Miqat)

• Mecca and the Ka'ba: Tawaf During Ihram

• Maqam Ibrahim

• Jacob's Ladder (Sa'i)

• Hair: Shaving or Cutting

• The Hajj is 'Arafah: Wuquf

• Muzdalifah

• The Final Rituals

• Esoteric Exegesis of the Hajj Rituals