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Stories from the Thirty Birds: From “I” to Him

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Hasan Kerim Guc
Hilal Tokat (translation)
Paperback, 184 pages


In Attar’s renowned 12th century Sufi classic, The Conference of the Birds, the many types of human beings and their various spiritual aptitudes are represented by a multitude of birds. This vast company sets off to encounter the Great Simurgh – a majestic Bird Who represents the Lord of the Worlds – the Divine Source of Being. But of all those who embark on this journey, only 30 stay the formidable course and are able to overcome the enormous challenges and attendant trials. Only thirty birds made it to the august Threshold.


Kerim Guc, whose grandmother’s stories helped form his spiritual life, most imaginatively and effectively shares tales told by these 30 birds, each of which help to open the Magnificent Gate bit by bit. The stories, selected from various cultures and epochs, help to clarify 30 “realizations” needed by any seeker in his or her final Return to the One. These Wisdom Teachings underscore the Universality and Timelessness of what is encountered in the spiritual life. Kerim Guc’s stories are unforgettable and immediately affect the awareness and inner practice of the reader – young or old.