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Stories from the Quran

by Timas
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Suheyl Seckinoglu (compilation)

Prof Mehmet Emin Ay (counselor)

Eren Dedeleroglu (illustration)

Hardback, 340 pages



The stories that we experience light up our lives. These stories from the Holy

Quran will enlighten us about our Lord. This book has stories from the creation of Prophet Adam to the ship of Prophet Nuh. From Prophet Sulaiman who commanded the winds and spoke with birds to Prophet Yunus who was carried in the belly of a whale. From the wise Hazrat Khidr to those in the cave who slept for 300 years.


In this book there are more than 150 stories from the Quran.


Stories from the Qur'an is a work that will be read with pleasure, will serve readers as a first step towards reading the Quran and will give them role models to base their actions on.


This book includes:

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Subject Index for easy reference

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