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Studying Singapore Before 1800

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Kwa Chong Guan, Peter Borschberg (eds.)





1. Lung-ya-men and Tan-ma-hsi

Roland Braddell


2. Singapore in the Remote Past

Hsu Yun-ts'iao


3. The Ancient History of Singapore

Brian E. Colless


4. The Century of Singhapura

Paul Wheatley


5. Was Melaka an Emporium Named Malayur before 1400 CE? And Where was Wurawari, Ma-Hasin, Langka and Batu Sawar

Pieter Gerritsz Rouffaer


6. The Early History of Singapore, Johore and Melaka: An Outline of a Paper by Gerrit Pieter Rouffaer


7. A Note on the Founding of Singapore

Richard O. Winstedt


8. Confrontation on a River: Singapore as an Eighteenth-century Battleground in Malay Historiography

Timothy P. Barnard


9. The Seri Bija Diraja in the Tradition of the Great Lords of Melaka in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Muhammad Yusoff Hashim


10. The Structure of Power in Seventeenth-century Johor

Leonard Y. Andaya


11. Boat People in the Western Archipelago during the Portuguese Period 

David E. Sopher


12. From Temasek to Singapore: Locating a Global City-State in the Cycles of Melaka Straits History

Kwa Chong Guan


13. A Sea-Fight Near Singapore in the 1570s

Ian A. Macgregor


14. Singapore Old Strait and New Harbour, 1300-1870

Carl Alexander Gibson-Hill


15. A Portuguese-Dutch Naval Battle in the Johor River Estuary and the Liberation of Johor Lama in 1603

Peter Borschberg


16. The Old Naval Trade Route through the Strait of Melaka in Connection with the Geomorphology of the Selat Islands

Victor Obdeijn


17. Shahbandars in the Archipelago

Purnadi Purbatjaraka


18. Singapore in 1819: The Beginnings of a New Kerajaan

Kwa Chong Guan