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Sufis and Salafis in the Contemporary Age

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Lloyd Ridgeon (ed.)

Paperback, 312 pages



Sufis and Salafis in the Contemporary Age explores the dynamics at play between what are usually understood as two very different forms of Islam, namely Sufism and Salafism. Sufism is commonly understood as the peaceful and mystical dimension of Islam whereas Salafism is perceived as strictly pietistic and moralist, and for some it conjures up images of violent manifestations of Islam.


Of course these generalisations require more nuanced investigation, and this book provides a number of case studies from around the Islamic world to unpack the intricate relationship between the two. The diversity of the case studies that focus on Islamic groups in India, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and South East Europe reflect the multiplicity of relationships that exist between the Salafis and Sufis. The specific case studies are framed by an introduction that provides essential historical background and definitions of the terms, and also by general studies of the Sufi–Salafi relationship which enable the reader to focus on the large picture. 


This will be the first book to investigate the relationship between Sufism and Salafism in such a wide fashion, and includes chapters on "traditional" Sufis, as well as from those who consider that Sufism and Salafism are not necessarily contradictory.


1. Modernity from Within: Islamic Fundamentalism and Sufism, Itzchak Weismann
2. Egyptian Sufism Under the Hammer: A Preliminary Investigation into the Anti-Sufi Polemics of 'Abd al-Rahman al-Wakil (1913-1970), Richard Gauvain
3. Mapping modern Turkish Sufism and Anti-Sufism, Alberto Fabio Ambrosio
4. The Shrines of Shaykh ?Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani in Baghdad and his son in Aqra – Current challenges in facing Salafism, Noorah Al-Gailani
5. The Political Participation of Sufi and Salafi Movements in Modern Morocco: Between the “2003 Casablanca Terrorist Attack” and the “Moroccan Spring” Aziz el Kobaiti Idrissi
6. Sufis as “Good Muslims”: Sufism in the Battle against Jihadi Salafism, Mark Sedgwick
7. Mystical Traditions and Voices of Dissent: Experiences from Bengal, Kashshaf Ghani
8. Representing the Detractors of Sufism in Twentieth-Century Hyderabad, India, Mauro Valdinoci
9. Barelwis: Developments and Dynamics of Conflict with Deobandis, Thomas K. Gugler
10. The Contested Milieu of Deoband: “Salafis” or “Sufis”?, Ron Geaves