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Sufis and Scholars of the Sea
Sufis and Scholars of the Sea
Sufis and Scholars of the Sea


Sufis and Scholars of the Sea

Anne Bang




Family Networks in East Africa, 1860-1925


Anne Bang focuses on the ways in which a particular Islamic brotherhood, or 'tariqa', the tariqa Alawiyya, spread, maintained and propagated their particular brand of the Islamic faith. Originating in the South-Yemeni region of Hadramawt, the Alawi tariqa mainly spread along the coast of the Indian Ocean. The Alawis are here portrayed as one of many cultural mediators in the multi-ethnic, multi-religious Indian Ocean world in the era of European colonialism.




1. The Al Ba (Bani) Alawi 

2. The Al Bin Sumayt 

3. Ahmad B. Abi Bakr B. Sumayt: Childhood and Youth in the Comoro Islands 

4. Hadramawt Revisited. Family and Scholarly Networks Reinforced 

5. Travelling Years: Zanzibar-Istanbul-Cairo-Mecca-Java-Zanzibar: 1885-1888 

6. IBN Sumayt, the Alawis and the Shafti I Ulama of Zanzibar C. 1870-1925: Profile of the Learned Class: Recruitment, Training and Careers 

7. Scriptural Islam in East Africa: THe Alawiyya, Arabization and the Indigenization of Islam in East Africa, 1880-1925 

8. The Work of a Qadi: IBN Sumayt and the Official Roles of the Zanzibari Ulama in the British-Bu SA IDI State, C. 1890-1925 

9. Educational Efforts Within the Colonial State: The Ulama and The Quest for Secular Education 

10. The Death of a Generation