Dar al-Turath Islami

Sufism: Its Essence and the Traits of Its People

Al-Habib Umar Bin Hafiz



Mahiyatu al-Tassawuf wa samat ahlahu

In Arabic and parallel English translation




First Trait:

Knowledge of the Book & the Sunna


Second Trait:

Their Concern with the Attributes and Actions of the Heart


Third Trait:



Fourth Trait:



Fifth Trait:

Humility of Heart


Sixth Trait:

Recognizing the People of Honor & Eliminating Envy


Seventh Trait:

Remembering Allah Abundantly


Eighth Trait:

Conveying with Excellence & Eliminating Discourteous Argumentation


Ninth Trait:

Responding to Evil with Goodness


Tenth Trait:

Love of Allah & Preferring Him Over All Else