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Sultan Mehmed: The Conqueror

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Mariam Seddiq
Paperback, 164 pages


"Verily, you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will her leader be, and a wonderful army will that army be!"


For eight centuries, Muslims made countless attempts to fulfil this prophecy made by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In 1453, Sultan Mehmed II's conquest of Constantinople is believed to have realised and embodied this prophecy. At the age of twenty-one, Mehmed toppled one of the greatest empires, the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine. His military genius and his disciplined army were unmatched. For the next thirty years, he ruled and conquered much of Asia Minor and stretched Ottoman power into Europe reaching the borders of Hungary and Italy.


Mehmed was the most admired and feared leader of the 15th century. His people called him Al-Fatih, the Conqueror, but he was also known as the prince of the Renaissance as his rule gave birth to the golden age of the Ottoman Empire. This biography of Sultan Mehmed II will immerse the reader into the legendary life of one of the most influential and brilliant leaders of all time.