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Symbol of Divine Light: The Lamp in Islamic Culture and Other Traditions

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Nicholas Stone
Paperback, 192 pages


This work surveys the history of the mosque lamp, describing the numerous variants made in different historical periods. The book contains more than 200 stunning colour and b/w illustrations.


The deep significance of light and the lamp in Islamic culture and other traditions — Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, and Hindu — is also explored. The book presents a detailed exploration of the famous Koranic Verse of Light and the symbolism of its constituent elements: light, the niche, the lamp, glass, oil, and the tree. Parallels are also drawn with other traditions, indicating a universal symbolism.


I. Symbolism of Light and the Lamp
1. The Verse of Light
2. Symbolism
3. Commentaries on the Verse of Light
4. The Verse of Light in Islamic Art and Architecture

II. History of the Lamp
5. The Historical Context
6. Historical Development of the Mosque Lamp
7. How Would Early Mosque Lamps Have Looked?
8. The Mosque Lamp in the Contemporary Context
9. The Mosque Lamp Motif in Islamic Art and Architecture