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Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

by Vintage
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Jaron Lanier




In this work Jaron Lanier draws on his insider's expertise to explain precisely how social media works - by deploying constant surveillance and subconscious manipulation of its users - and why its cruel and dangerous effects are at the heart of its current business model and design. As well as offering ten simple arguments for liberating yourself from its addictive hold, his witty and urgent manifesto outlines a vision for an alternative that provides all the benefits of social media without the harm. So, if you want a happier life, a more just and peaceful world, or merely the chance to think for yourself without being monitored and influenced by the richest corporations in history, then the best thing you can do, for now, is delete your social media accounts - right now.


You will almost certainly become a calmer and possibly a nicer person in the process.





Introduction, with cats


Argument One: You Are Losing Your Free Will


Argument Two: Quitting Social Media Is The Most Finely Targeted Way to Resist The Insanity of Our Times


Argument Three: Social Media Is Making You Into An A****


Argument Four: Social Media Undermining Truth


Argument Five: Social Media Is Making What You Say Meaningless


Argument Six: Social Media Is Destroying Your Capacity For Empathy


Argument Seven: Social Media Is Making You Unhappy


Argument Eight: Social Media Doesn't Want You To Economic Dignity


Argument Nine: Social Media Is Making Politics Impossible


Argument Ten: Social Media Hates Your Soul


Conclusion: Cats Have Nine Lives