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The Anatomy of Knowledge and the Ontological Necessity of First Principles

by Tabah
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Karim Lahham
Paperback, 118 pages


This work explores one of the first principles of metaphysics, the principle of identity in its logical form, namely, the principle of non-contradiction, and the relationship between its metaphysical and logical dimensions. It is invariably the task of revelation to provide definable and recognisable references that can be brought into human understanding. Logic is given the role of providing in us an eternal order reflective of the order of creation, a role that bestows it therefore with a certain sacrality. the Kantian conceptualist contention, now often encountered, establishes the basis for the contemporary de-ontologization of logic, since it creates a split between second intentions and first intentions, ensuring that reality has no input into the workings of the mind.

1. The Ontological Dimension
2. The Division of the Sciences and Its Principles
a. Aristotelian Origins
b. Ibn Sīnā's Legacy
3. Al-ʿIlm al-Ḍarūrī or 'Necessary Knowledge'
4. The Epistemological Dimension
5. The A Priori Form of Knowledge
6. Knowledge of Self-evident Universal Propositions
7. The Principle of Non-contradiction
8. The Teleological Dimension
9. bjections to the Principle of Non-contradiction
10. Dialetheism and Paraconsistent Logic
11. 'Yes and No'