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The Breeze of Khalid: A Commentary of Al-Kharidah al-Bahiyyah

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Shaykh Ahmad Ad-Dardir

Anwar Hussain (translation and commentary)
Paperback, 152 pages


Al-Kharidah Al-Bahiyyah, written by Shaykh Ahmad Ad-Dardir, is a beginner to intermediate text on 'aqidah, tawhid (creed). It is considered to be one of the most important books scholars recommend for the seeker of knowledge in our time. It covers important aspects in the knowledge of 'aqidah which the author expresses beautifully in verse. Subjects include the attributes of Allah, the Prophetﷺ, matters of the unseen, as well as a short summary of the knowledge of tasawwuf.


This work, The Breeze of Khalid (Nasim Al-Khalidiyyah), is a commentary (sharh) by Ustaz Anwar Hussain based on the classes he conducted at Khalid Mosque.