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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

The Button Box

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Fawzia Gilani-Williams
Bridget Hodder
Harshad Marathe (illustrations)
Paperback, 144 pages


Ava is Jewish and her cousin Nadeem is Muslim.


Their different religions have never stopped them from being best friends. But after a bully makes them equation their ties to each other, a visit to their grandmother opens up a whole new world. 


Thanks to Granny Buena's magical Button Box, Ava and Nadeem find themselves transported a thousand years back in time to medieval Morocco. There. They meet their feisty Jewish ancestor, Ester ibn Evram, and a Muslim prince on the run from his enemies. Prince Abdur Rahman is trying to reach safety in Spain. It is up to Ester, Ava, and Nadeem to help him. If they fail, they could change the course of history forever.