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The Conditions and Supplications of the Tijaniyya

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Mathias Eichhorn

Paperback, 494 pages

English-Arabic Edition



And their Derivation in the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah, a Collection of Traditional Sources


This work uses a rational, traditional approach, based on the writings of its greatest Masters, which not only illuminates the principles of Islamic spirituality, but also inspires the soul to a deeper intimacy with Allah.



1. The Dimension of Guidance

2. The Tijaniyya, the Spiritual Path based Upon the Quran and the Sunna

3. The Conditions of Affiliation

4. The Conditions of the Tijaniyya Mentioned in the Rimah

5. The Ideal Behaviour of the Student and its Benefits

6. The Supplications of the Tijaniyya in Kashf al-Ilbas

Appendix: The Obligatory Supplications of the Tijaniyya