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The Correct Approach to Unpacking 'The Select Creed'

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Shaykh Muhammad Nawawi bin 'Umar al-Jawi al-Bantani
Musa Furber (translation and notes)
Paperback, 110 pages


Al-Nahjat al-jayyidah li-hall alfaz Nuqawat al-'aqidah


This booklet presents Shaykh Muhammad Nawawi bin 'Umar al-Jawi al-Bantani's Al-Nahjat al-jayyidah li-hall alfaz Nuqawat al-'aqidah, his introduction to essential creed and fundamental obligations. The Arabic text is presented along with an English translation.


The author of this book, who lived during 1230-1314 AH/1813-1879 CE in present-day Indonesia, was one of the Shaykhs of the Two Sacred Precincts. He authored over 40 works in various subjects, including creed, theology, Quranic exegesis, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and spiritual purification and excellence. In the Malay world (the Nusantara), his words are mandatory reading for students of traditional Islamic disciplines, and many are popular in the Middle East.


This booklet contains the author's commentary on his own Nuqawah, a short poem introducing essential creed, and what is obligatory to believe, know, and perform. He drew the majority of his commentary from Shaykh Ibrahim al-Bajuri's (1198-1276 AH/1784-1860 CE) Tuhfat al-murid, making this booklet a summary of its most important points, all presented in an accessible manner.


1. Matters Related to the Divine
2. Matters Related to the Prophets
3. Matters Known through Revelation
A. Obligatory as Beliefs
B. Obligatory as Knowledge
C. Obligatory as Actions