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The Criteria for a Holy Book: A Case for the Quran

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Zhulkeflee Ismail

Paperback, 100 pages



This work presents the case for the Quran to be a living proof of the spread of the Message of the Prophet. This book invites the reader to 'come to a common word' on the criteria for Divine Authorship. 



1. Claims itself to be from God

2. Unique and Inimitable

3. Contains Absolute Principles

4. Contains Neither Discrepancy Nor Inaccuracy

5. Contributes to the Well-being of Mankind at All Levels

6. Shown some Prophecies are Proven True

7. Scientific Research and Current Findings Validate Data in the Book

8. Still Remains Preserved in its Original Text

9. Speaks of God and His Divine Plan

10. Has Universal Appeal and Application