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The Cultural Atlas Of Islam

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Ismai'il R. al-Faruqi, Lois Lamiya' al-Faruqi
Hardback, 750 pages


Islam is a world religion which has stretched from Cordoba, Spain, to Canton, China, and one whose influence today is expanding as that of other faiths is in retreat.


This magnificent book presents the entire world view of Islam - its beliefs, traditions, institutions, and its place in the cultures in which it has taken root. THE CULTURAL ATLAS OF ISLAM is not only a comprehensive introduction to the Islamic experience in history and the modern world. It is an authoritative and deeply felt statement of the faith of Islam, written for those of all faiths.


Rich with more than 300 photographs, drawings, and other illustrations, and with some 75 original maps, this is a unique guide to the meaning of Islam and its shaping force on cultures from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. This is much more than a history of events, however; it is a clear presentation of the essence of Islamic civilization in all its spheres, from
everyday practices of Muslims around the world to the Islamic legacy in art, science, law, politics, and philosophy.