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The Drama of Atheist Humanism

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Henri de Lubac

Paperback, 539 pages



Henri de Lubac traces the spiritual and historical origins of what we now know as contemporary atheism, which claims to have 'moved beyond God'. He focuses on three 19th-century thinkers who attempted to construct a humanism apart from God: Ludwig Feuerbach, who greatly influenced Karl Marx; Friedrich Nietzsche, who represents nihilism; and August Comte, the father of positivism. He then discusses the role of Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose novels show characters striving to embrace an anti-Christian humanism and living the ugly consequences. 


Henri de Lubac is considered one the of the most important Christian theologians of the 20th century.




Part One: Atheist Humanism

I. Feuerbach and Nietzsche

II. Nietzsche and Kierkegaard

III. The Spiritual Battle


Part Two: Auguste Compte and Christianity

I. The Meaning of Comtian Atheism

II. Christianity and Catholicism

III. Positivist Transpositions


Part Three: Dostoevsky as Prophet

I. Comparison with Nietzsche

II. The Bankruptcy of Atheism

III. Experience of Eternity


Part Four: Mystical Confrontations

I. The Search for a New Man

II. Nietzsche as Mystic