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The Eminent Rank of Al-Quds

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Imam Wahbah az-Suhayli
Mahdi Lock (translation)
Paperback, 68 pages


Today, al-Quds is the world's intractable puzzle, with the Jews holding onto it and the Muslims and Arabs being even more steadfast. Can diplomatic means solve this puzzle?


This book looks at the historical record as well as the facts on the ground, from ancient times through to today. Not only does history show that the Zionist claims to al-Quds are weak, but Israeli actions in this age, the murders, massacres, terrorism, destruction, and the expulsion of the Arab inhabitants through various means, prove and demonstrate that they should not have control or authority over it. They are not worthy of it and they have proven themselves unworthy.


In this book, you will find convincing and conclusive responses to Zionist claims, backed up by objective, demonstrative, academic research regarding the conditions of al-Quds and its inhabitants. It underscores its sanctity to the followers of the three religions present there and assures everyone of their right to practice their rituals under Arab-Islamic sovereignty, with Arabs having priority in its administration, due to their initial settling and then residing and ruling there for millennia, before Islam and after, and because of their magnanimity towards the followers of all three religions. The book firmly rejects the idea of internationalising al-Quds, emphasising its deep Arab and Islamic roots and its integral part of the Muslims creed, as explicitly stated in the Quran. It also examines the historical Islamic-Arab presence in al-Ouds over those millennia and in accordance with contemporary international law.