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The Heart of Design: Spirituality, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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Peter Gould

The Heart of Design: Spirituality, Creativity & Entrepreneurship is a unique and timely guide to aligning professional and spiritual aspirations by designing for remembrance, not for distraction.


With the intention to inspire a positive movement across our global community, the book reimagines contemporary design processes and strategies to include Islamic principles and perspectives; helping to empower a new wave of creatively confident, talented leaders, and equipping them with the tools they need to launch spiritually-grounded ideas that can rise up to meet our community's challenges.


Written by award-winning strategic design leader Peter Gould, the book builds on his successful online course, which has helped hundreds of students find balance and purpose in their work over the past three years.


The Heart of Design is beneficial for anyone seeking to enrich their professional and personal journey but could be especially useful for:
• Aspiring entrepreneurs
• Startup founders
• Business owners
• Creative professionals
• Students preparing for life after higher education
• Community organisers


1. Foreword
2. Introduction: Peter's Story
3. The Heart of Design
- Embracing Design
- Heart-Centred Design
- Seeking the Path
- Finding the Way
- Illuminating the Road
4. Seeking the Heart of Design (Interviews)


About Peter Gould
A long-term advocate for heart-centered design, Peter strives to create meaningful cross-cultural understanding, and has worked with the likes of Apple, Google, United Nations, and a diverse portfolio that includes senior government entities, start-ups, NGOs, and globally successful products.


Peter's contribution to design has brought international acclaim, including a major award from the Vice President of the UAE. In 2020 he was appointed as an Australia for UNHCR Ambassador in recognition of his efforts supporting refugees.


He is a recipient of the Stanford Certificate of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and has lectured Design Thinking at the University of Technology, Sydney.


At the intersection of design, spirituality and entrepreneurship, Peter aims to inspire a global heart-centered design movement for a bright, shared future.