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The Imam and the Atheist

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Mohamed A. Azeez
Paperback, 218 pages


Atheism is trending.


Social media has ushered in an era of hyper-individualism, where ethics change as frequently as Twitter’s top tags. Even though Islam is still the world’s fastest-growing religion, countless people refute their faith every day — citing Darwinism or the inexplicable suffering of the human spirit.


Based on true events, this book is a conversation between an uncle and a nephew who has lost his faith. The uncle, an Imam who sits at the heart of his community to set a moral and ethical compass, is challenged by his nephew, who poses difficult questions about faith. What follows is an open and honest dialogue which covers popular philosophical arguments and makes a case for the existence of God.


The author is exposed to atheism on a daily basis and this book is a timely contribution towards scholarly literature. It is an excellent resource for parents, teachers and mentors, as well as anyone whose faith is wavering.


Mohamed A. Azeez is the Founder and the Senior Imam of the Tarbiya Institute, California. He was educated in medicine, political science, sociology, Islamic history and Islamic theology. He holds an MD from Ain Shams University, a BA from Ohio State University and an MA from the University of Chicago. He currently resides in Granite Bay with his wife and three children.


1. Foundations
2. Design
3. Cause
4. Ontology
5. Morality
6. Evolution
7. Reason
8. Destiny
10. Salvation