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The Meaning and Experience of Happiness in Islam

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Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Paperback, 24 pages


The monograph delves into the concept of happiness in Islam and explores the Islamic traditional understanding of happiness and its relation to the meaning and purpose of life. Al-Attas argues that happiness in Islam is not merely a temporary state of pleasure or material success, but a deeper and more profound state of being that comes from fulfilling one's ultimate purpose in life. He emphasizes that the understanding of happiness in Islam is grounded in the belief in God, and that true happiness can only be achieved through a relationship with God and living according to His commandments.

In order to understand saʿādah, one must understand the exact opposite of it, shaqawāh. The author then finds the similarities of shaqawāh with the Western conception of Tragedy than can be found in their literature and arts.