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The Meeting of Two Seas Part 1

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Muhammad Husain Alias al-Geylani



Spiritual Journey and Encounters Through the History of Singapura, Nusantara and the Inner World

The stories in this book are based on historical facts, eye-witness accounts, personal experiences and the strong, living oral tradition of the Hadhramis and the Hadhrami diaspora in the Nusantara. It chronicles events from a personal perspective through the history of old Singapura and the greater Malay Archipelago - encompassing Malaya, Indonesia, Borneo, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia - and the Inner World. It records events that defy explanation, occurring at the junction of this mundane existence and a deeper inner reality.

It is written in a non-linear manner and uses the first, second and third person narratives interchangeably, signifying the universality, and timelessness of the themes employed. The book is interlocking and multi-layered. It can be read in various ways and in any order, offering different perspectives to different readers.