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The Mysterion: Rumi and the Secret of Becoming Fully Human

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Kabir Helminski
Paperback, 240 pages


A contemporary exploration into the meaning and possibility of our human existence, through the universal insights of the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Rumi


The 13th-century poet and mystic Rumi has become one of the most popular spiritual voices of our time—known and loved by people of many faiths and worldviews for his rich metaphors, images, poems, and stories. The Mysterion deepens our appreciation of his teachings by illuminating both the practical psychological dimension behind them, as well as the universal spiritual truths they offer about what it means to be human.


In this philosophical survey, Kabir Helminski, one of the foremost translators and writers of Sufi texts, gives us a contemporary lens through which to view and understand the “Mysterion,” the unifying concept that bridges the human and the divine—and that connects the individual soul with spiritual Reality. This book is centered on that core, unifying concept of the Mysterion: the essence and intrinsic meaning of being human.