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The Nasiri Du'a

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Muhammad Ibn Nasir
Aisha Bewley (translation)
Paperback, 36 pages


This supplication has been tried, tested and proven to relieve distress and to avert difficult situations, especially when they are societal and concern the affairs of all the Muslims. The people of Fez call it "The Sword of Ibn Nasir". They used to teach it to the pupils in the Qur'anic kuttabs and they used it to seek refuge with Allah, using various tunes, in the time of the French oppression and occupation of Morocco. That is the custom of the Muslims: to seek refuge with Allah Almighty in times of hardship. Your Lord says, "Call on Me and I will answer you." (40:60) Shaykh Ibn Nasir Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Husayn ibn Nasir ibn 'Amr ad-Dar'i al-Aghlabi (d. 1085 AH). He is buried in his zawiya in Tamagurt. He was involved in many areas of knowledge such as fiqh, Arabic, kalam, tafsir and tasawwuf. He was a man of worship and of great devotion, scrupulous, and a zahid, a man who established the tariqa and drank from the source of the Reality.