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The Other Side of the Wall: A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope

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Munther Isaac
Paperback, 256 pages


Christians have lived in Palestine since the earliest days of the Jesus movement. The Palestinian church predates Islam. Yet Palestinian Christians find themselves marginalised and ostracised. In the heated tensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the voices of Palestinian Christians are often unheard and ignored.


This book provides an opportunity to hear the realities of life on the ground from a leading Palestinian pastor and theologian. Munther Isaac gives the perspective of Palestinian Christians on the other side of the separation wall surrounding most Palestinian West Bank cities today. Isaac laments the injustices suffered by the Palestinian people but holds out hope for a just peace and ways to befriend and love his Jewish and Muslim neighbours. In contrast to the dominant religious and nationalistic ideologies and agendas for the region, he offers a theology of the land and a vision for a shared land that belongs to God, where there are no second-class citizens of any kind.


1. An Invitation
2. Ignored, Discredited, and Dehumanised
3. Christian Zionism as Imperial Theology
4. The Bible, the Land, and the Modern State of Israel
5. Who Is My Neighbour?
6. My Jewish Neighbour
7. My Muslim Neighbour
8. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
9. Lamenting in Hope
10. Letters of Hope
Epilogue: The Other Side of the Wall: The Story Continues