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The Quest For Who We Are: Modern Psychology and the Sacred

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Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Paperback, 184 pages


“Sotillos brilliantly unites our contemporary understanding of the self with ancient spiritual wisdom, and challenges epistemological biases in the field of psychology.” – Abdallah Rothman


Psychology today is in a state of confusion. It has failed to understand our true human identity and to provide a satisfactory answer to the perennial question: “Who AM I?”. The scope of present-day mental health treatment has been reduced to purely profane considerations, ignoring the fullness of what it means to be human, and neglecting the sacred dimension of life altogether. Due to mainstream psychology’s rejection of its metaphysical roots, our relationship with other sentient beings and the natural world has been fractured, which has brought devastating consequences to our lives. In the interest of developing more holistic modes of therapeutic treatment, we need to restore the traditional notion of a “science of the soul” as it has been known since the earliest times across the diverse spiritual cultures of humanity.


1 In Search of the True Self
2 Recovering the Eye of the Heart
3 The Metaphysics of Human Diversity
4 The Divided Self and Our Fractured Ecology