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The Quranic Prescription: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health

by Kube
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Madiha M. Saeed, MD
Paperback, 326 pages


What are the hidden Quranic gems that lead to optimal faith, success, taqwa and overall health?


Allah has given us the answers. He has taught us how we eat, drink, sleep, behave and live - all to maintain perfect balance and harmony. And yet, when we disrupt Allah's balance, we contribute to the global epidemic of lifestyle-based chronic diseases.


The latest evidence-based research shows that when we live according to Qur'an and Sunnah, we can optimize our brain and body function, unlocking the secrets to optimal physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health, and even save the planet.


"A wonderful book about how to care for ourselves in a way that allows us to improve not just the quality of our lives, but our worship as well." - Imam Dr Omar Suleiman


Part 1: Spinning Out of Control
1: The Threat of Today's Crisis to our Future
2. A Tayyib Lifestyle Balances Us and Reinstates Hope


Part 2: The Pillars of a Tayyib Lifestyle
3: Digestive Health and Detoxification - Pure Food and Environment
4: The Four S's: Stress, Sleep, Social and Spiritual Health, Tayyib Mental Health and a Tranquil Mindful Heart


Part 3: Using the Quranic Prescription for Healing