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The Renaissance of Islam: History, Culture and Society in the 10th Century Muslim World

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Adam Mez
Hardback, 544 pages


The tenth century was a formative period for Islamic culture and Adam Mez's Renaissance of Islam offers a detailed survey of the Muslim world during that period. No other single work covers the subject as comprehensively. Mez drew upon a vast range of sources to produce a detailed account of all aspects of Islamic culture and society - finance, religion, geography, industry and trade, law, morals, navigation, etc. The result is a lucid and engaging work that even today remains a key resource for researchers and students alike. The original edition is now very rare. This new edition, introduced by Julia Bray, one of the leading scholars of the period, makes the work available once again and includes a bibliography and index specially prepared for this edition.


The empire
The caliphs
The princes of the empire
Christians and Jews
The administration
The wazir
The Court
The nobility
The slaves
The savant
The schools of jurisprudence
The qadi
Manners and morals
The standard of living
Municipal organization
The festivals
Land products
Inland navigation
Communication by road
Marine navigation